Competency Checksheets

Know you’re competent

Our approach to competency assessment is open, transparent and fair.  Fair for learners and assessors.  It is a step up from the ‘Tick & Flick’ and ‘Read & Understand’ approaches that are unfortunately so common.

Indicators that the competency assessment needs of your team are not being met include:

  • people make mistakes even after being assessed as competent
  • inconsistent approach to hazard mitigation and use of safety controls
  • variation in understanding of key points and critical steps
  • lack of confidence for infrequently performed tasks
  • process variation when different people do the same task

One simple improvement you can make to your assessment approach is to create Competency Checksheets for each procedure using our template.

Checksheets comprise of a set of short activities covering task, quality & safety requirements which allow people to demonstrate their competence.