Automated SOP development

The best software for developing short format SOPs

TRIM-SOP™ is, hands down, the best software for developing short format Standard Operating Procedures.


TRIM-SOP™ helps SOP developers to create clear, concise & visual procedures.  It is a productivity tool.  TRIM-SOP™ eliminates the tedious tasks associated with SOP development so your team can concentrate on adding value to their SOPs.

Core features of TRIM-SOP™ are designed to deliver:

  • Standard templates that can be customised to client requirements
  • Dedicated user interface – everything in one place
  • Automatic formatting & numbering
  • Automatic placement & ordering of information & images
  • Symbols library
  • Automatic update of cross-references
  • Integrated Help & Guides

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* TRIM-SOP™ is only available through approved distributors